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5 Rules of Using a Scale

Remember Monday's are for weighing. Here are 5 Rules to weighing yourself....1) Only weigh once a week, it might be tempting to weigh often when trying to lose weight, it's just not necessary! 2) Weigh yourself in the morning, it's your most accurate weight before eating/drinking and after a chat with the toilet 🚽 ...3) Keep factors consistent - if you want the number on the scale to move, be honest with yourself and true to putting in the work...4) Track progress - it helps you have a good overall understanding of how your body reacts to all you do...5) the scale is NOT mandatory and ditch it if YOU want. The scale can cause anxiety - if so, trash 🗑 it and consider it 2lbs lost!

Eat healthy, drink water, and workout. You'll see the changes you desire.

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